A moose? This definitely wouldn’t be my first choice for a pet, but Martha did her research, and it turns out that having a moose is a blast. You want more, and more, and more. The fun continues and so does the moose ordering. “Seems Martha was smitten—what marvellous luck…till one day most all of her moose ran amok!…More moose were most certainly quite a mistake!” Is more always merrier?

Magnificent. Marvellous. Magnolious. The manifold of M words in this merry tale is magical. Manicure, muffins, math, macaroni, marched, mulberry, maple, mirthful music, moose masquerade, mamboed, midnight—getting all of these Ms and more into the one story while maintaining fluidity and avoiding a manic mishap takes clever construction. The repetition, swift pace of the story, vibrant colours, and amusing illustrations makes Too Many Moose a must read for a fun-filled story time. My favourite moment is near the beginning, where the original moose foresees the chaos that eventuates. Iz has a long list of pets she would like to have—turtles, kittens, fish, puppies, chickens—regular types. Now a moose has made its way to the top of that list, but just the one.

  • Published by Sourcebooks
  • 4-8 years
  • 3.5