The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears, and paws…” Firstly, I love this line. We don’t have a cat, but there’s plenty of them in our street, and we see them wandering, jumping up onto fences, surveying the neighbourhood. On their daily meander, many paths are crossed. Children will stop and try to tickle its fur, birds will swoop by but never get too close, a dog will bark at it but because of the tug on its lead it won’t be able to chase it like it wants to, and then there’s those encounters that I’ve never really acknowledged before—with a flea, a worm. Wenzel has given us a view through different eyes. We see cat through the eyes of a child, a bee, a skunk and a fox, even cat—his blurred reflection in water.

Books, like this one, that conveys its message naturally without force are highly effective. Reading is for pleasure and for learning. When these two come together in harmony, that’s when a book becomes a treasure. Text is simple, repetitive, and suits the nature of the story. The illustrations are imaginative. Spot on. And the message—How much more compassion, understanding and tolerance would we have if we remembered every day the message underlined in this creation? Perception, perspective is different for everyone depending on who we are and our experiences. The last page spread, how we perceive our own self, was a stand out for me. The concept is simple. The execution is brilliant.

  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 5