Who remembers the Hey Daddy song by Anne Murray?

Hey daddy there’s a dragon in the driveway, Mamma there’s a grizzly on the lawn. You better come quick ‘cause there’s a hippo in the bathtub, And it’s going down the drain, oh no its gone!

Each time I read, There’s a Tiger in the Garden, by Lizzy Stewart, this song gets stuck in my head. Murray’s lyrics speak of the imagination of children, and so does this book, as well as those joyful grandmas that enchant our lives.

There’s plenty of toys to play with and art to create, but Nora insists, “There’s nothing to do.” Her grandma suggests that she plays in the garden, where, Grandma says, “I thought I saw a tiger earlier.” Nora isn’t convinced and shoulders slump in apathy, until, Whoosh! A giant dragonfly. Nora discovers more magic, even a grumpy polar bear, but is there really a tiger?

Stewart has a background in illustration and communication design, and it shows. This book is striking. The hardback cover is embossed. The absence of the sky ensures that the greens of the garden pop. The text and illustrations play with each other. Kids found this a delight. It’s a great read for those moments when imagination needs a little jiggle to unlock.

  • Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
  • 5-10 years
  • 5