How cute is Boggan?! “Whishhhhh.” How cute is this book?! Charles eagerly wants to find a wish tree, and isn’t discouraged by his brother and sister telling him that such a thing doesn’t exist. He’s determined. With a happy, hopeful friend by his side, Charles is sure to find what he’s looking for. “La-di-da-di-da-di-daaaa,” sang Charles. “Whishhhhh,” sang Boggan the toboggan, Charles’ cheerful friend who always has a smile on his face. “Where Charles went Boggan followed. Where Boggan went Charles followed.” They ventured into the woods, but did not see the wish tree. They did however find many woodlands animals in need. Charles and Boggan helped each and every one. As the day drew to a close, as their shadows stretched out over the snow, Charles could not. Search. Any. Longer. Something magical happened while Charles rested on Boggan—his good deeds were returned and he was able to make his wish at the wish tree.

With themes of friendship, kindness, selflessness, hope, faith, and confidence, exquisite illustrations and lyrical text, this enthralling book has a lot to offer. It subtly encourages self-analysis, that we should fill our lives with service to others, and the idea that the journey, what we do day to day, the choices we make, our experiences, the friends we meet along the way, these could be considered just as sweet as our destination.

  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 4.5