The Terrible Two, by Mac Barnett, Jory John, and Kevin Cornell is our latest read together. With chapter books, we read a chapter or two before bed. With this one I wanted to try something different. I got two copies of it, and Haz and I raced each other to see who could finish it first. He really got into the story, so I had no chance of winning. Every couple of chapters, he’d pause reading and check in with me to see where I was up to. Because I was behind, he’d eagerly jump on the spot bursting to tell me what happened next.

Miles Murphy moves to Yawnee Valley. The name expresses how unexciting the small town is. Miles is not happy about the move, but he is looking forward to becoming the town’s prankster. But, Yawnee Valley already has a prankster. We know who it is from the cover pic. Having this knowledge doesn’t take away any humour. There’s a prankster war before a truce, an unlikely friendship, and “the biggest prank Yawnee Valley has ever seen.” After all, “Pranking is better with a buddy.” While the story focuses primarily on Miles, the tone changes slightly depending on the characters present. The cow moos, facts throughout, and the illustrations are brilliant additions to the witty story. We’ve requested The Terrible Two Get Worse from our library. It’ll be a ‘drop everything and read’ day when that comes in.

Cow Fact 586: Cows can walk up stairs, but not down, because of the way their joints work. Cow Fact 923: Cows do not rob banks. Lol!

  • Published by Harry N. Abrams
  • 8-12 years
  • 4