Four forest friends sit huddled on a hill waiting to see Santa fly by on his sleigh. As he passes, a present falls into the forest “like a shooting star.” The animals are unsure what to do with it at first, but when they think of Santa and the spirit of giving, they make it their mission to deliver the present to who it’s intended for—the New Baby at the Farm. Bird shows initiative and suggests they make a sleigh. Even though it’s past their bedtimes and their tummy are grumbling, the four friends persevere over a hill, through the forest, all the way to the farm house, singing a Christmas carol to motivate each step.

The four friends in our story are Deer, Rabbit, Bird, and Squirrel. Each have different personalities and despite them not always agreeing, they work together to get the job done. There’s cuteness—bundles of it. Stephanie Graegin’s characters and their expressions are darling. There’s humour—New Baby opens her present. It’s a rattle and of course the animals don’t know what this is or its function. They describe it as a “noisy lumpy stick.” There’s Christmas spirit—the joy of giving and bringing happiness. And there’s a delicious surprise at the end. Head to our blog for a peek inside.

  • Published by Schwartz & Wade
  • 3-7 years
  • 4