We all couldn’t wait to get our hands on it when it arrived in the mail. The muted colours, engaging illustrations, fun facts and flaps, quirky, cute, curious characters, LOVE it all!! It’s a night at the museum to be remembered. A story time to be repeated.

A young boy named Oscar is woken by noises outside his window. When he peeks beyond the curtain, he sees a woolly mammoth. Introductions are made, and we discover that Timothy the mammoth is looking for his baby brother, Teddy. Oscar helps Timothy. Their search takes them through The Curious Museum, which comes alive for one magical hour every night. Readers can help find Teddy, lifting flaps and learning facts along the way. “Did you know? The smallest book in the world fits on half a poppy seed.” And, “An adult Triceratops’ head could grow up to 2.5 metres long.”

Will they find Teddy before the magical hour is up? You can count on a happy ending with this one, and much more—wonderful surprises with every turn, a new friendship, and a joyous adventure.

  • Published by Little Tiger Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 4.5