We picked up the cousins from the airport this week. They’ve moved back home and we’re over the moon happy. Although we weren’t the ones travelling, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a photo and about time we shared our love for, The Airport Book, by Lisa Brown.

The taxi is waiting, bags are packed, and a young family are rushing out the door. They’re on their way to the airport. We follow them as they navigate the crowds and lines of people, while their tickets are issued, bags are checked and taken through security, as they go through the long and sometimes difficult process of the X-ray machines, wander around the airport lounge, wait to board, the excitement as they finally get to board, the many happenings and complexities of the flight and arrival at their destination.

While we join this family of four on their personal experience through the illustrations, Brown shares via text the many different possibilities that could take place if we were to take a similar journey. “When you go to the airport, you can take a car, a van, a bus, or even a train…Sometimes there are small beeping cars driving through the town. Sometimes the sidewalks and staircases move by themselves.” Brown also weaves in sweet specifics for our family that we can relate to, for example, the youngest child longing for her toy monkey, and the reminder that, “You have to hold your little sister’s hand tight or she could get lost.” Kids are given an informative insight into what it is like to go to the airport and travel by plane. The illustrations are busy, engaging, entertaining and clever, with multiple storylines to follow and a great mix of people and ages.

  • Published by Roaring Brook Press
  • 4-8 years
  • 4