We’ve played the story building dice game, story pass alongs for Family Night or at the dinner table, and now Story Path—a Choose Your Own Adventure story for a younger audience. This book had mine occupied while I cooked dinner, which took longer than normal because I kept taking a break to listen to their stories.

Story Path is the ultimate repeat read where every read through is different. It’s engaging, colourful, and great for encouraging creativity and imagination. How does it work? Each page spread starts with a prompt, “Once upon a time there lived a…” Following this, a path is set out, offering different routes and different illustrated options. “Once upon a time there lived a…Vampire Cat…Queen of Hearts…Space Monkey…Octopus with an obsession with shoes…Sleepy Cheetah.” You choose. Turn the page and you’re met with another prompt and another choice based on character, setting and plot. And, there’s more, Story Path stimulates thought and builds on your stories by asking questions on each page. “Where you go, who you meet, what you do next—it’s all up to you!”

  • Published by Templar Publishing
  • 4-8 years
  • 4