In a land of broken things, with mountains of discarded clutter and valleys of bric-a-brac, all alone there lived a fox named Pandora. She saw beauty in the broken, treasure in the trash. Recycled and repaired broken things and gave them new life. Pandora “made herself a handsome home, from all that people had left behind. But no one came to visit,” until one day a blue bird fell from the sky. “It was broken too,” and Pandora nursed it back to health. The day came for the bird to leave. He returned with “gifts from faraway lands…until the day he didn’t.” Once again Pandora was alone. Sad. Heartbroken. But over time the grey world around gleamed with hope, which literally grew from the little bird’s box nest. Nature spread its wings, branches and flowers, throughout the land of broken things. The sound of birdsong returned. Pandora’s world was given new life.

Pandora is an emotional tale of love, renewal, and hope. Its gentleness shimmers from each lustrous page (which have the touch of silk), subdued tones, Pandora’s graceful temperament, and the endearing storyline. The cover and illustrations—oh my—I’m in love. Read Pandora and you’ll fall in love with it too. Put it on your Christmas wish list. It’s on mine.

  • Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 5