Everyone has a story to tell, well, every letter of the alphabet has one also. Take for example, T’s story… “Not so long ago, in a room not so far away, sat a typewriter and a terrified typist. You see, whatever was written on this particular typewriter, however strange, had a terrible habit of coming true. It was only a few moments before this typist’s story…came to a tragic end.” Tons of terrific T words in there!! This unique alphabet book has an assortment of fun characters and is brimming with humour. Illustrations are recognisably Jeffers’, yet there’s variety in his approach. The best part—the stories interact with each other, just like our own stories interact with others’. Octopus and Owl make a few appearances, and, “How many elephants can you fit inside an envelope? Turn to letter N to find out…” More crossover stories to look out for.

You might choose a favourite letter/story, or better yet, have fun creating your own.

  • Published by Laurence King Publishing
  • 6-10 years
  • 4