Kids love a good giggle. Books that have them laughing throughout are the ones they keep going back to. When that last page is turned, you’re bound to hear, “Again!! Again!!” Mo Willems’ books are ticklers. Laugh-out-louders.

Scholastic Parent & Child asked Willems, “What do you look for when selecting books for your own child?” This was part of his answer, “I look for books that will engage her sense of play, so that more than saying, “Read it again!” she will begin to weave her own stories using the premise or characters from the book she has just enjoyed.” Right there is why Willems’ books are magic. We want to read them over and over again, and the stories, the characters, they stay with us, make us wonder, inspire us to create.

If we see a pigeon down the road, we ask, What’s that cheeky guy up to today? Is he going for the bakery? Is he going to try and take over the store? With the Elephant & Piggie series, we partner read, even sometimes act out the scenes. I Really Like Slop has become a favourite, because according to my boy, “It’s the best thing you cook.” (A disaster shepherd’s pie.)

These books, Elephant & Piggie in particular, are subtle yet effective in teaching values such as kindness and compassion. All are great for introducing readers to the concept of characters, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and emotion depicted in illustration. They have easy sentences and large font. Super fun books, and our share for the @KidLitPicks July theme – Repeat Reads.

  • 2-6 years
  • 4.5