Our first post for the month of August, and it’s for the new ‪#‎kidlitpicks‬ theme, Unique Friendships. How perfect is this theme?! Lots of books came to mind, some of which were quickly reserved by others in the @kidlitpicks Instagram bookclub (There’s going to be so many great shares, so be sure to check out the tag #kidlitpicks) Funny thing is, I’d planned to begin with another recommendation, but picked up this beauty on an unplanned visit to a library I don’t normally go to. Yay for the cold weather that took us inside from our morning walk.

Cats and birds are sworn enemies. That’s how nature works, isn’t it? Max is a kitten, and kittens chase birds. Bird is a bird, and gets chased by kittens. Max meets Bird and asks to be friends. “First, I’ll chase you…Then maybe I’ll eat you up. You look like a tasty snack.” Bird protests, “But friends don’t eat each other up!” They help each other out. Bird makes a deal with Max, that if Max helps Bird learn how to fly, then they’ll talk about the chasing “and all that other stuff.” Lol.

We were late reading the Max books. Shocker, I know. Kids and I became hooked after the first, and have been eager to read this one ever since. Big kids are at school at the moment. Can’t wait for our after school read today. Will Max teach Bird how to fly? Can a kitten even give the appropriate instruction? Will they break the ‘rules’ and become unique friends? Or will Bird become Max’s tasty snack?

  • Published by Puffin Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 4.5