All hail King Baby! Lol! This book is hilarious. “You will have wiggles and gurgles and coos! But your king also has many demands! FEED ME! BURP ME! CHANGE ME! BOUNCE ME! CARRY ME!” Whatever it is King Baby wants, King Baby gets, and if he doesn’t get it quick enough, he’ll Ehh and Bpp and WEHHH, and if that fails, King Baby will do something bold and new—get the thing himself. Beaton has created a delightful story that had us giggling. It’s so funny, because it’s so true. How do these tiny bundles hold this much power over us?

My son’s nickname as a baby was Emperor. He’d get his best sleep in the very centre of our big bed. Subjects were at his beck and call every second of the day. Just like King Baby, he grew into a Big Boy and a Queen Baby was crowned. Our current ruler, Queen Blue, is at present (while I’m writing this) demanding cookies, as she deems them a suitable breakfast snack. Somehow she got to have some—because I need to finish my review? Was it the high-pitched shriek that I wanted to quiet? Or is it because she’s just too cute? Doesn’t matter, and I don’t think she cares—her demand was met and we have peace.

  • Published by Arthur A. Levine Books
  • 4-8 years
  • 4