Harold the dog has two loves—food of every kind, and his comfy chair. After a long walk through the city, he’d return home to relax in his chair and dream of chocolate ice block trucks, raspberry fire hydrants, and buildings that cook him some breakfast toast. “Harold loved his chair.” His happy place.

But Harold’s world was turned upside down one day, when he woke to find that his chair had disappeared. He turned his home inside out looking for where it was, and he found it, outside in the rubbish—in the back of a rubbish truck. Poor Harold chased that truck, but his “little legs were no match for those big wheels.” His chair was gone, and he was lost and hungry in the busy city. All he could think about was finding his way home, and food—glorious food.

If I were in Harold’s paws, I don’t think I’d deal with things as calmly as he does. If this book was about me, it’d be called, Summer’s Hangry Eyes. Though Harold is lost, distressed and seeing things—a roast in the mailbox, a bike with pretzels for wheels, and a garden of bok choy, celery, and a pineapple—he keeps his wits about him and sniffs his way home.

You’ll enjoy the feast of illustrations. Black pen, acrylic, and photos of food, combined together and set against either white or one bold colour. Background drawings are loose, undefined. Our attention reflects Harold’s own. We focus on him, the food, and his path home. Kids thought that the story was funny. They loved Harold’s imagination and his determination. He lost his chair, but found his home, and a surprise waiting for him.

  • Published by Phaidon Press
  • 4-8 years
  • 4