School’s out for summer and that means I get to spend all day every day with these two crazies for a month and a half. They’ve already devoured our first few holiday reads, our favourite of which is the series shown here—Dragon Knight by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley.

Merek comes from a family of shape-shifting dragons. While his true form is that of a dragon, he can transform himself into anything he wants. He dreams of becoming a knight, and as a boy, tries out for Knight School. You can easily imagine the dilemmas that could and do arise, especially since Merek sneezes fire, he’s a knight and a dragon, common enemies, and at any moment someone could discover his secret. Merek isn’t alone in his adventure, as he makes friends with another boy at Knight School, who is actually a girl in disguise. They keep each other’s secret and have each other’s back, through thick and thin, rats and witches.

This series can be read by older kids in the 6-9 year age range in one sitting, or for younger ones, a chapter a night. There’s plenty of action and humour to excite, and we love the interludes of fun, enGROSSing facts—Common Knight School Injuries…The Five Worst Medieval Jobs. We’re hooked in by the climax of the story, typically a sticky and dangerous situation, loop back to where it all began, and discover how problems are solved. I’m particularly impressed by Mewburn’s descriptions and his ability to share snippets of the Middle Ages, mix that in with fantasy, while still creating a story relatable to kids today—with themes of friendship, bullying, courage and issues in regards to perspective. Bixley’s character depictions are spot on. There’s comedy and energy. He’s a true talent—remember Fuzzy Doodle?

If you’re looking for a new series for your kids (or you, as I thoroughly enjoy these) to read over the Christmas break, definitely check out Dragon Knight—Books 1 through 6—Fire! Rats! Witch! Dragons! Joust! and Barbarians!

  • Published by Scholastic New Zealand
  • 6-9 years
  • 4.5