“Because Dorothea turned her lens on hunger and poverty, Florence Owens Thompson, a full-blooded Cherokee, became the face of the Great Depression. And the nation could not look the other way.” This is the very reason why I admire photographers such as Dorothea Lange and alike, who give a voice to those in hardship. Draw attention to their situation. Dorothea’s compassion is evident through the images captured by her lens, it’s also expressed in the book that, “Because childhood polio left her with a limp, Dorothea knew how those less fortunate felt without ever walking in their shoes.” She had empathy for those who suffered and she told their story.

Introduce kids to Dorothea’s own story and how the camera can capture emotion, document truth, bring it to the world and inspire change.

  • Published by Albert Whitman Company
  • 6-10 years
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