Doodle Cat and Oskar are kindred spirits. They’re both bold, loveable characters and both have an attitude of gratitude. These stories are two peas in a pod.

We’re given a glimpse into each character’s world and what they adore. Doodle Cat loves noise, lentils and fractals, while Oskar loves soft green grass, sweet red cherries, and the silence of snow. And at the close of both stories, it’s asked, “What do you love?” The attention is turned to the reader. I love this. But even before we get there kids will speak out and say, “I love that too…That’s one of my favourite things.” The world is uncharted territory for our youngsters. While there’s many things that can get us down, it’s important to highlight all the glorious things we can sometimes take for granted. It’s also exciting for them to discover what brings them joy. Rather than piggybacking off a friend’s or another family member’s interests, it’s important for kids to know themselves, to know what they love. Although these two stories follow a similar pattern, they’re unique from each other, just as we’re all unique.

Each book is beautifully designed. I Am Doodle Cat varies its scenes. We visit Doodle Cat in the home, out and about. There’s illustrations isolated by white, others rich in colour, even a fantastic flat lay (the “I love maths” page shown here), and other characters join in. Britta’s illustrations in Oskar Loves… are textured and natural in tone. “Oskar loves walking in the moonlight,” is a standout.

Haz loves, “Diving under the waves.” Iz loves, “Climbing up to the highest branch of a tree.” And, I love my baby’s pink ‘just woken up’ cheeks. What do you love?

  • Published by Scribe Publications / Prestel
  • 3-7 years
  • 4