We adore Tree, by Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup, and today we got to read Bee. I’ve been anxiously checking my email for this book to come available at our library, and it did not disappoint.

Bee is a beautiful tribute to the tiny insect that does so much. Hegarty’s story is sweet and has a bounce to it. Each line rolls off the tongue with ease. We follow Bee as “she travels here and there…visiting flowers of every hue, she has a special job to do.”

Teckentrup’s illustrations enhance the spirit of Hegarty’s rhyme. They’re truly stunning. Collage-like in an array of bright colours and textures, and die-cut hexagons, honeycomb—in the middle at first, then spotted about the place. The sun rises on a meadow of red poppies, which are emphasised by a backdrop of fresh green. Some pages follow suit by highlighting a certain colour and flower, while others are busy and various. At the end of the day the sun sets over the horizon, and we see Bee flying above a field of wildflowers. This is our favourite spread, as we enjoyed spotting the animals hidden within the flowers. A must read.

  • Published by Little Tiger Press
  • 3-8 years
  • 4.5