Currently I’m putting together a list of Baby’s First Books. Five of these are recent releases, one was published this time last year, and all utterly gorgeous.

You may already know and love Tickle My Ears by Jorg Muhle. Well, Little Rabbit is back with Bathtime for Little Rabbit. This is an interactive story, where little readers are asked to call Little Rabbit for a bath, shampoo his fur, blow him dry. The illustrations are adorable. Simple yet sweetly animated in bright primary colours. Story time with this one is adorable, and very helpful when littles recall it at bathtime. I have a feeling that my girl will insist she’s a bubble bunny in her bath every night. @gecko_press

I Love You and Bunny Roo, I Love You will encourage plenty of cuddles and kisses during story time. The illustrations in Love is a Tutu and Love is a Truck are striking, graphic, bold and beautiful. They’re perfectly partnered by happy words. My favourite line in Love is a Truck, “Love is a kid who lines them all up. Biggest to smallest, color by color.” And in Love is a Tutu, “Love is a tutu, tulle-y and new.” These tender moments in childhood makes the heart warm with love. This brings us to My Heart Fills with Happiness. What fills your heart with happiness? The sun dancing on your cheeks? Walking barefoot on the grass? Sharing stories with your little ones? All of the above?

  • Bathtime for Little Rabbit by Gecko Press
  • Love is a Truck/Tutu by Cameron + Company
  • Bunny Roo, I Love You by Nancy Paulsen Books
  • My Heart Fills with Happiness by Orca Book Publishers
  • I Love You by Nosy Crow
  • 0-3 years
  • 4.5