I’m fascinated by geometric illustrations, those, sometimes quite complicated, vector graphics that are created with shape and colour. Think, Wild Animals of the North, by Dieter Braun. This is where all that starts.

Apples and Robins, by Lucie Felix, uses basic shapes—circles, rectangles, triangles—and primary and secondary colours to create various things: “All you need for apples are circles and the color red…All you need for a ladder are six rectangles: five short and one long.” As readers, we’re given the pleasure of being part of the creative process. When we turn a page, die-cut shapes are laid over solid shapes, and we’re surprised by something new. Two triangles and a parallelogram form a lightning bolt. Three rectangles and an oval merge to become a hammer.

This book isn’t just shape and colour, it’s quite a cute story. We begin with apples at the close of summer. Each creation is linked to its ‘before’ and inspires its ‘after’, throughout the seasons until we come to the birth of baby robins, and apple blossoms. Spring.

Both kids and adults will enjoy this enchanting book.

  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • 2-8 years
  • 4