Ada’s ideas “would carry her far above the ordinary. She would become the world’s first computer programmer.” Yet another picture biography that is a charming inspiration. From an early age, Ada was encouraged to study mathematics—a steady and serious subject, and her mother’s favourite. She had a strict schedule. It was a strict time, but also a time of great revolution. Ada became fascinated by the modern wonders, which stirred her imagination. It “whirred along with the powerful engines! And her mind, so well trained by her many lessons, began to invent!” The story continues through ups and downs, her encounters, influences, endeavours and achievements.

Robinson has done well simplifying the complexities of Ada’s story. “Working out the algorithm for the program was a little like creating a treasure hunt inside a maze.” The paper cutout illustrations connect with the era, the creative piecing together of a puzzle, or the punched patterns of The Jacquard Loom, and have a progressive edge about them. They’re stunning!!

  • Published by Harry N. Abrams
  • 8-10 years
  • 4