My girl doesn’t need glasses, but she wanted some after reading this book. I’m guessing it’d be quite successful with children who do require glasses, yet who might be hesitant about getting them.

Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson, is about a girl and her dog, her near-sighted dog who mistakes leaves for squirrels, squirrels for dinosaurs, and a wasp’s nest for a ball—Eeeek! Nancy takes Douglas to see an optician. His sight is tested and glasses are chosen, after nearly every pair is tried on and tried out. On their way home, Douglas remarks, “Wow! Everything looks amazing.” This book is amazing. A new favourite.

Colours are bright. Both the story and illustrations are hilarious. A laugh a second. Pace and continuity is perfect. Love the flashback black and white photo, and the double page spread where we get to see things through Douglas’ new glasses—colour blur juxtaposed with clear images of the park, people, a squirrel, and a leaf. It even gets better. Back matter shares images of “Real Kids Who Wear Glasses!” and a hashtag #douglasyouneedglasses so children, with help from their parents, can share their own pics on social media.

Fun facts: Adamson remembers the moment he realised he needed glasses. Check out the little story on the back flap of the dust jacket. And, @spiky_penelope has an interview with Adamson very soon. Be sure to look out for that on her blog.

  • Published by Schwartz & Wade
  • 3-10 years
  • 5